New York City is comprised of several women abortion clinics which are performing several functions. Women have been suffering in silence in most cities all over the world due to negligence, fear and the set laws. In most states, abortion is ruled as a crime and women are not allowed to do abortion. However, the same law contradicts by allowing abortion on some specific circumstances. New York City has been one of the most leading cities in providing women with health services regarding abortion services. This does not mean abortion is allowed to every lady in the city, but there are guidelines on how and why a woman should do abortion. This is the reason the administration and ministry of health have set up women health and abortion clinics. These clinics have been of great help, and some of the ideas why these abortion clinic Bronx NY were put in different towns such as in the Bronx and Manhattan will be discussed below.

In the first place, so many ladies have been dying across the globe due to ectopic pregnancy. This is the type of pregnancy which occurs in the fallopian tube. When the pregnancy has not occurred in the right place, the uterus then it possesses a dangerous health challenge not only to the child but the mother. This is because naturally implantation and growth of a baby should take place in the uterus. This challenge being of the most pregnancy state killer, there was a need to introduce abortion clinics. These clinics are helping mothers who are having an ectopic or any other health challenging pregnancy to get the pregnancy terminated to save the life of the mother. Many people might argue to oppose the move and decision, but the reality is, it is good to save the life of the mother who we are seeing than risking her because of a life of the child whom we are not seeing. 

 All pregnant mothers are recommended to have their pregnancy tested and approved that it is going on well and it is in the right place. This encourages all the mothers to visit the women's' medical clinic in any nearby women health clinic and get tested. In most states, these services are offered free of charge, and every mother should be easy to attend and have his pregnancy health test and affirmed by the qualified women health medical practitioners.
The Importance of Women Abortion Clinics in New York City